Recreational Parks Holiday Light Displays

park holiday lighting

When I meet people and explain to them that I am in the Christmas Holiday Lighting business, their first question is usually “What do you do in the summer?” Well, one of the many things I do in the summer is plan the year’s Holiday Light Park displays!

Holiday Lighting At The Parkparks lighting

Park lighting displays are definitely becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Holiday Parks are a fun, family-styled activity that provides lasting memories and enjoyment for all ages and groups. Spectacular displays typically follow specific themes and often reflect the culture of the community.  Animated displays sometimes are 40’ to 50’ in size and come in a variety of colors.

Light Parks are a great way to fundraise or showcase a particular destination. In fact, existing establishments such as ballparks, farm stands, and local zoos add to their revenue by charging entrance fees to view the displays.

I recently visited with another Christmas Décor owner on the east coast who built a park at his local zoo – and saved the zoo from forced closure through the revenue generated from the park!

What a wonderful thing for the entire community.

Illuminated Light Displays

Our display at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg N.J. this year was very well received and gave all who visited a very positive and unique experience. I know this year will be even more amazing! I hope everyone has a chance to visit one of these parks this season and experience the joy and magic it brings to the holiday season!

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