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Is It Too Early To Start Installing Your Holiday Décor?

Not one season goes by without someone asking why their neighbors have installed Christmas lights in October. Is October too early? Consider the following adage: don’t put off until tomorrow, what you could do today.

Early Installations For Holiday Decor

Our schedules tend to get crazy during the holidays which causes us to run out of time to do what we hope to accomplish. In addition, there’s a distinct advantage to working outside when the weather is good and the days are longer. I guarantee your time to complete production will be much better in 60-degree warmth compared to a 35-degree chill. It is also far safer to work in daylight and without the threat of frost, ice, and snow. Installing early eliminates many of weather-related hazards that can lead to accidents and falls.

Start Decorating Early This Season!

Finally, early installation means you will have your lights up earlier (a wonderful way to launch the season!) and longer (after all that hard work, don’t you want time to enjoy your décor before removing it?). What satisfaction to know everything will be ready for your family and friends! Worried about the neighbors? Trust me, your home will set the standard for early installation when neighbors brave the weather and rush to get everything done – or perhaps simply decide installation will need to wait until next year. So start early this season and remember to look for the elves! Call Christmas Decor at (888) 424-4326 to get you started on your Holiday Decor!

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