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Lighting Those Amazing Trees

How Do You Light Those Amazing Trees!? This is often a question I get a lot. Branch-wrapped trees have been a highlight of holiday décor and event lighting since New York’s Tavern on the Green began lighting their giant elms in the 1940s. There is a lot that you have to take into consideration before beginning the process of putting the lights on to the tree.

An Expert’s Tree Lighting Process

Taking measurements of the circumference of the tree trunk as well as the branches helps us determine how much lighting were going to be using on each tree. We also determine the spacing between each of the lights as well as evaluate the total power we will be using during the installation. You will want to plan to start the process early on before the holidays.The best time is once the leaves have fallen. October is the perfect month to begin this process! As part of your planning, you should establish your goals and align those with your budget. You will also need to secure the proper equipment, preferably an orchard ladder or bucket truck and a secure platform to work from. You should never reach beyond the field of your outstretched arm. No “tippy toes” are ever allowed!

Proper Spacing Of Lights On The Trees

You will find this process will take plenty of patience - and lots of lights! In fact, you don’t have to light every branch and the lights don’t always have to go to the very tips of the branch. The key is to know how to spread the light proportionally, highlighting the characteristics of the tree. We will frequently need to wrap only 2/3 of a tree to achieve the desired results. Remember that you only see what is lit, once it gets dark, so target your budget accordingly. Many of our clients at Christmas Décor of New Jersey achieve these spectacular results by following these simple guidelines. So start planning for your holiday season. For any questions on our tree lighting process then give Christmas Decor Of New Jersey a call at (888) 424-4326 Remember to Look for the Elves!

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