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Safe Practices for Installing Holiday Lighting

Holiday decorations are wonderfully festive but improper installation can be especially dangerous. As a professional installer, I want to share some of the basic principles that we use for safe installation.

Safely Installing Holiday Lighting

Want to do it yourself? Then maybe it’s time to consider all of the factors and begin planning.

  • The first thing to consider as part of the planning phase (yes, I did say plan!) is to know you are physically fit to climb roofs and do other parts of the job that are labor intensive.
  • Second, those of you physically able to do the job must have the proper equipment – such as ladders and harnesses. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recommends that extension ladders should reach at least 3 feet above the point of the installation. Do not stand on top of step ladders or use step ladders on uneven ground. Orchard ladders are a great option instead.

Teamwork Gets The Decor Job Done

The correct harnesses should be used at all times along with

proper eye and head protection. Never work alone and always use a spotter. We use a 5-gallon bucket truck and rope to install décor at certain heights. Installers use pocketed aprons with tools to allow the work to be completed safely and expediently.

LED Lighting Safety

LED’s are now using less power and are far nicer to look at. However, they are still 120 volts so always check for cuts and nicks before installing. And beware: water and electricity don’t mix so use a GFI outlet. Use only outdoor-rated cords and electrical wires. Always make sure your connections aren’t in low-lying areas.

  • Third and most important: know your limitations! You will want a display that is memorable but not at the cost of safety for you and your family. Hire a professional to do the things that you cannot do and ensure your season is wonderful.

For more information about installing Holiday Lighting safely and efficiently call Christmas Decor at (888) 424-4326. Most of all, be safe and enjoy this wonderful time of year. And Remember to Look for the Elves!

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