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One of the special features of adding lighting into any project is the ability to establish a distinct atmosphere or mood. The sweet tranquility of a bride and groom’s wedding or the explosiveness of a July 4th celebration can easily be created through lights. At themed corporate events, lighting can foster an elegant environment. Halloween and the Hindu festival of Diwali (“Festival of lights”) have become big fall events for lighting projects.

Holiday Specific Lightingevent lighting

Many retailers are now carrying more lighting products that are holiday-specific:  LED green mini-lights are now available for St Patrick’s Day decor and red, white and blue lights are available for the US federal holidays of Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. Halloween is celebrated with dramatic displays of purple, orange and lime green. During Hanukkah, blue LED lights are becoming a popular add-on to the traditional lit Menorah.

Large lit displays of flags, stars and stripes, ghosts, goblins, and witches are now available for sale or lease. LED palm trees and flamingos can turn your patio into a tropical oasis for a mid-summer event. As you can see, lighting has come a long way from putting out candles and hanging lights for Christmas.

Dual Purpose Lighting

Your lighting can also have a dual purpose bringing additional value and enjoyment. The branch wrapping done for weddings and graduations is often left up until after the holiday season.  The draped patio lights we provide for our clients’ events are so well-received that we are often asked to make the installation permanent. Minleon USA’s RGB-lit spheres add elegance beyond imagination to pathways and gardens.

Many structures such as the Empire State Building popularly use splash lighting for an endless variety of LED color for any event.

We have seen a tremendous advancement of LED and RGB technology over the last five years, and I really look forward to what’s coming next. For me, living in Hoboken, N.J. and experiencing the amazing NYC skyline daily is truly spectacular. We hope you too have the pleasure of enjoying beautifully lit, memorable scenes right outside your home this coming year.

We hope you too have the pleasure of enjoying beautifully lit, memorable scenes right outside your home this coming year.

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