Happy Greetings From A New Family Member…Sort Of

55-5003-santabench Who wouldn’t enjoy being greeted by a life-size Frosty, giant Santa, Nutcracker, Toy Soldier or even a huge Polar Bear?  Some of our clients even give names to these new members of their family.



Holiday Decor Time For An Update

Traditional Christmas is coming back in a very big way. Extra-large life-size figurines are going to be a strong décor feature for Christmas 2016. With many new homes offering larger grander entrance ways, these larger life size forms offer a simple, elegant way to add that finishing touch to your holiday décor. The images below are only a few of the figurines and decor you’ll want to use in your Christmas display!

deer-1 frosty










Christmas Savings

These larger décor items are commonly seen in home décor stores retailing at $500-$2500 each.  Christmas Décor of New Jersey offers the unique opportunity of leasing these giant size forms at a fraction of these prices.  In addition to savings, this also solves the problem of storage and gives our clients the option of a new “greeter,” every season.  These figures are in limited supply so early ordering is important.


Christmas Decor of New Jersey currently has many of these life-size forms included in their offerings.

Are you ready to go big this holiday season? Give ChristmasDecor a call at (888) 424-4326!






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