Professional Holiday Decorations and Lighting

Professional Holiday Decorations Installation

As the leaves begin to change and the nights are getting longer it’s time to start preparing for fall and winter! The Holidays are right around the corner and it’s one of our favorite times of the year at Christmas Decor.

Holiday Decor Planning

Holiday Decorations InstallationWith the busy holidays, parties and other events coming up, it’s a good time to think about your home’s holiday decorations. We will work with you to create a magical lighting display with decorations galore and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

We’ll help you plan and select the perfect colors and elements. Choose from a wide array of seasonal or permanent lighting, yard inflatables, life-size figurines, and interior decor. We don’t only install your displays but we will take them down and store them for next year so you won’t have any additional stress during the holidays!

Trained Service Professionals

lighting removalFrom simple to elaborate holiday decorations, our professionals at Christmas Decor have become synonymous with this time of year. A lot goes into ensuring our professionals have the latest skills in order to create these gorgeous holiday lighting displays:

• Annual Design Training

• Latest Decorating Technology and Techniques

• Knowledgeable & Experienced Installers

• Property-Conscious Installation

Call the professionals at Christmas Decor for more information on our holiday decorations and lighting and to get started on your installations: (888) 424-4326

Recreational Parks Holiday Light Displays

park holiday lighting

When I meet people and explain to them that I am in the Christmas Holiday Lighting business, their first question is usually “What do you do in the summer?” Well, one of the many things I do in the summer is plan the year’s Holiday Light Park displays!

Holiday Lighting At The Parkparks lighting

Park lighting displays are definitely becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Holiday Parks are a fun, family-styled activity that provides lasting memories and enjoyment for all ages and groups. Spectacular displays typically follow specific themes and often reflect the culture of the community.  Animated displays sometimes are 40’ to 50’ in size and come in a variety of colors.

Light Parks are a great way to fundraise or showcase a particular destination. In fact, existing establishments such as ballparks, farm stands, and local zoos add to their revenue by charging entrance fees to view the displays.

I recently visited with another Christmas Décor owner on the east coast who built a park at his local zoo – and saved the zoo from forced closure through the revenue generated from the park!

What a wonderful thing for the entire community.

Illuminated Light Displays

Our display at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg N.J. this year was very well received and gave all who visited a very positive and unique experience. I know this year will be even more amazing! I hope everyone has a chance to visit one of these parks this season and experience the joy and magic it brings to the holiday season!

Call the professionals at Christmas Decor for more information on our Park Light installations. (888) 424-4326


Go Big For Your Home With Holiday Decor

big decor

The 2016 show season is ending and the new product will be shipping out in a couple of weeks. One trend is very clear: Big Is In! Large Holiday figurines made with fiberglass, metal, and/or wood, with or without LED lights are offered by most vendors including Barcana, Holidaynamics, and others.

Decor Is Larger Than Ever!big decor

Nutcrackers, Toy Soldiers, Polar Bears, Deer and giant Nativity scenes are a great way to accent any entrance way or large space. Giant gift packages and (12’-15’) lit Interior trees are now a terrific addition for both residential and commercial lighting projects.Huge ornaments and stars

Huge ornaments and stars create a dramatic look along driveways. And who doesn’t want Santa and his Elves to greet their guests at the front door?! Leasing these items is a great way to create a spectacular display without the hassle of storage or a substantial financial commitment. Leasing also allows you to change the look and keep themes fresh each year.


Go Big This Season With Oversized Ornaments

Christmas Décor of New Jersey will be providing many of these large holiday displays this upcoming season. If you are interested in seeing what can be done with your property see our website’s portfolio or call us at (888) 424-4326 for a consultation. We have terrific leasing options on all of these new exciting Holiday Décor items.

Inception Lighting Video Demonstration

Make your home POP year round with inception lighting! While highlighting the architecture of your home or business, change the color theme for any special event, holiday, celebration or sporting event from your mobile device or computer. Program your lights up to 2 years in advance and wow your guests!


Get The Perfect Ambiance With Impressive Outdoor Lighting

Matt Reed from Inception Lighting in Irving, Texas demonstrates the many highlights and benefits:


Holiday Lighting Removal

Commercial lighting removal on a business storefront

The joy of seeing our festive light displays illuminate your home throughout the holidays is exciting all up until the time comes to take down the lights. Save yourself this time and stress!

Christmas Decor not only installs all of their holiday lights and decorations, but we also remove them!


lighting removalFestivity Lighting Made Safe

We understand how dangerous and strenuous it is to add hundreds of lights to the inside and outside of your home. Our staff is trained in technical and electrical safety to ensure the job is done correctly and hazard-free. Electrical and safety issues can be one less thing on your mind so you can enjoy your holiday or special event. Not to mention the possibilities of potential injuries you’ll avoid during the installation and removal process. Leave the climbing of ladders, balancing and hard to reach places to us. Our professional staff is here to get the job right to prevent any of these potential disasters.

Holiday Display Disassembly 

Christmas Decor is a professional service here to provide you the best experience no matter the season! Holiday lighting removal just got a whole lot easier this year with our well-trained staff on your side. During the disassembly process, we are committed to removing and storing your lighting display for years to come in a timely manner. We’ll even send a representative to follow up on satisfaction once the disassembly and clean up was complete. We’re here to provide you nothing but the best Holiday Lighting Installations and Removal.

For more information, Call the professionals at Christmas Decor of New Jersey for light installation and removal! (888) 424-4326

LED lighting is Reducing Carbon emissions in the U.S.

led lighting

Innovations in a light emitting diode (LED) lamps are not only changing the way people illuminate their homes, but they’re also reducing the energy consumption habits of homeowners.

The transition from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs during the later 20th century has proven to be an overall benefit for consumers, businesses, and the environment. It’s also a product that has led to major scientific advancements. In fact, the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics went to three Japanese scientists who invented the blue LED. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura were able to create the blue light, which was the pivotal missing piece of the spectrum to create high-quality white LED lamps – red and green LEDs having been around for a while.


What Makes White LEDs So Importantwhite led lights

According to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, roughly one-fourth of the world’s electricity consumption goes toward lighting. Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs and even fluorescent lights, LEDs are more efficient in their energy usage with higher lumen counts per electrical input power. The record in 2014 was 300 lm/W, which is more than 18 times greater than regular light bulbs and 4 times greater than fluorescent lamps.

In terms of reducing energy consumption, LED lamps can last up to 100,000 hours, a number that’s 100 times longer than standard light bulbs. Another major benefit is the fact that it requires less electrical energy to light an LED lamp. As a result, consumers and communities can take advantage of alternative energy sources, including solar and wind power.


Solid-State Lighting and Carbon Emissions

In a recent article for LED’s Magazine, energy efficient lighting has helped the U.S. reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade. In fact, it’s estimated that 2015 emission levels were 18 percent lower than those in 2005, and about 40 percent of this decrease is attributed to decreasing energy consumption in lighting.

With the widespread introduction of energy efficient lighting into commercial and residential sectors, LEDs and CFL lamps have helped the U.S. make significant strides toward reaching the objectives outlined in the Clean Power Plan.

What to Look for in a LED Lamp

Both contractors and consumers should educate themselves about the differences in quality of LED lamp suppliers. Not all products are created equal, especially when it comes to lumens. While consumers will likely be keenly interested in the wattage since it impacts their pocketbook, they should be similarly interested in lumens because of the quality of illumination they’ll provide for their homes.

Christmas Décor of New Jersey, a member of the Décor Group and a leader in the Holiday Lighting business has been committed to LED lights since 2006. Let’s keep America Green!


Call the professionals at Christmas Decor for professional and beautiful LED Light installation. (888) 424-4326


Seasonal Vs. Permanent Lighting Systems

It seems every year we are approached by clients who wish to install their Holiday lighting and “leave it up year round”. Commercial properties are primarily interested in this for the marketing value for their lighting; everybody wants New York’s “Tavern on the Green”. While in the past we did not support this approach, today’s new products are allowing us to rethink this a bit. Today, our residential clients are lighting for many occasions other than Christmas and with the ability to change colors at the touch of an app, they simply want more!

So, the question becomes “when should we choose to leave the lighting up permanently and when should we light for the season?” For the most part, this decision comes down to the desired effect of the lighting and long term durability of the product used.



Comparing Decorative LED Light Technology

Standard Mini and C-9 Lighting

  • Not UL rated for permanent applications
  • Should not be used for permanent purpose unless you have a frequent service schedule in place.
  • The wire is not UV rated and will dry out under exposure to the elements.
  • Squirrels and other rodents just love to chew and use the wire for building nests.
  • The growth of trees and shrubs harm both the lights and the trees by stretching the wire and choking the branches.
  • Overall, close monitoring is required to reduce the risk of damage and electrical shorts.

RGB String Lights, Splash Lighting, and Mounted Inception Lighting

With the advancement of LED technology, we are now able to use low voltage applications similar to those in landscape lighting systems to achieve some spectacular results. Color changing technology allows this product to have multi adaptable year round applications. The trend towards RGB string lights, splash lighting and mounted Inception lighting is growing as clients realize the advantage of year round lighting. The mood and enjoyment created by the tasteful accent lighting are becoming something clients just cannot live without.


Choosing Which Outdoor Lighting Works Best For Your Home

Seasonal vs. Permanent


Let Us Bring Light To Your Home

As you can see, there are no easy answers but Christmas Décor of NJ has some great options to look into to. If multi-seasonal event lighting is something you would like, I suggest looking at some of the newer options that are available. If you seek to branch wrap trees or light roof ridge lines in the summer when temperatures are very hot, you may choose to stay seasonal because of the higher maintenance costs. Either way, we hope you can enjoy the experience that only a properly lit property can bring.

For more information on our seasonal and permanent lighting systems, give Christmas Decor of New Jersey a call at: (888) 424-4326!


The Benefits of Year Round Inception Lighting

Inception lighting Installation New Jersey

Many consumers, whether residential or commercial, often have worries when it comes to holiday or party light decorating.  They ask:

  • How much time will it take to set up and tear down?
  • Will it break the bank?
  • Will it be environmentally friendly?

We at Christmas Decor of New Jersey are providing solutions to each of those concerns in our partnership with Inception Lighting, year round permanent lighting decor for your home or business.

What is Inception Lighting?Permanent lighting

The idea came to founder Scott Eddins when he was on a ladder one Christmas hanging up lights and thinking, “there has to be a better way.” Scott created Inception Lighting, which offers permanent LED lighting systems to commercial, residential and municipal properties.

These light systems can change color for any occasion and can be accessed by your mobile device from anywhere you may be.

Inception Light systems come with an array of benefits to the home or business owner.

Year-Round Energy and Cost Saving Benefits

The cost of Inception Lighting systems is significantly less than conventional lighting because of their continuous, low-wattage LED technology. This can save the residential consumer thousands of dollars comparatively and even tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for commercial and municipal consumers.

More Efficient Lighting Decor Installation

Inception lighting systems are inherently more efficient to install since they are a permanent installment, but the systems are easier to install because of the continuous tracking. Because their systems use low watt LED lights, heat is not dispersed, which allows for the use of plastic channels instead of metal.

If an LED light goes out it can be replaced instead of having to replace the whole strand. The low watt LED lights used by Inception Lighting are also energy efficient, even more so than standard C9 LEDs.

Christmas Decor of New Jersey is proud to offer Inception Lighting installation in new jersey and stand behind their energy and cost efficient technology.  Call the professionals at Christmas Decor for professional and beautiful Inception Light installation. (888) 424-4326

Permanent Lighting Systems

Permanent lighting

Indoor and outdoor lights are typically pictured with Christmas lighting, but did you know that year-round lighting installations are now becoming the hottest investment? By looking to increase the value of a property, homeowners, and even business owners, are adding a touch of color to their property in a different, yet fun way.


What We Achieve With Our Lighting Systemspermanent lighting

Christmas Decor of New Jersey designs, installs, and maintains custom outdoor and indoor lighting systems. We provide complimentary lighting demonstrations to give you a sneak peek of what your business could look like. We’ll work with you to create a custom plan for your lighting that matches your needs and your budget, and then we’ll put up a display for you to see.  To us, our clients are of utmost importance. We’re here to give them our best by creating a beautiful and relaxing place to enjoy for years to come.

 Types of Lighting Services:

  • Deck and Patio Lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Festive String Lighting

..and so much more! 

Transform Your Home With Permanent Lighting

The system we set in place is weatherproof and permanent which means that you’ll never spend time hanging exterior lights ever again! The lighting has a molding that blends with the architecture of your home so the lights are barely visible during the daytime.

For more information on our event lighting give the professionals at Christmas Decor of New Jersey a call at (888) 424-4326!