Happy Greetings From A New Family Member…Sort Of

55-5003-santabench Who wouldn’t enjoy being greeted by a life-size Frosty, giant Santa, Nutcracker, Toy Soldier or even a huge Polar Bear?  Some of our clients even give names to these new members of their family.



Holiday Decor Time For An Update

Traditional Christmas is coming back in a very big way. Extra-large life-size figurines are going to be a strong décor feature for Christmas 2016. With many new homes offering larger grander entrance ways, these larger life size forms offer a simple, elegant way to add that finishing touch to your holiday décor. The images below are only a few of the figurines and decor you’ll want to use in your Christmas display!

deer-1 frosty










Christmas Savings

These larger décor items are commonly seen in home décor stores retailing at $500-$2500 each.  Christmas Décor of New Jersey offers the unique opportunity of leasing these giant size forms at a fraction of these prices.  In addition to savings, this also solves the problem of storage and gives our clients the option of a new “greeter,” every season.  These figures are in limited supply so early ordering is important.


Christmas Decor of New Jersey currently has many of these life-size forms included in their offerings.

Are you ready to go big this holiday season? Give ChristmasDecor a call at (888) 424-4326!






Lighting Those Amazing Trees

lighting amazing trees

How Do You Light Those Amazing Trees!? This is often a question I get a lot.

Branch-wrapped trees have been a highlight of holiday décor and event lighting since New York’s Tavern on the Green began lighting their giant elms in the 1940s. There is a lot that you have to take into consideration before beginning the process of putting the lights on to the tree.

An Expert’s Tree Lighting Process

lighting amazing treesTaking measurements of the circumference of the tree trunk as well as the branches helps us determine how much lighting were going to be using on each tree. We also determine the spacing between each of the lights as well as evaluate the total power we will be using during the installation.

You will want to plan to start the process early on before the holidays. The best time is once the leaves have fallen. October is the perfect month to begin this process!  As part of your planning, you should establish your goals and align those with your budget. You will also need to secure the proper equipment, preferably an orchard ladder or bucket truck and a secure platform to work from.  You should never reach beyond the field of your outstretched arm.  No “tippy toes” are ever allowed!


Proper Spacing Of Lights On The Trees

lighting amazing treesYou will find this process will take plenty of patience – and lots of lights!  In fact, you don’t have to light every branch and the lights don’t always have to go to the very tips of the branch.  The key is to know how to spread the light proportionally, highlighting the characteristics of the tree.  We will frequently need to wrap only 2/3 of a tree to achieve the desired results.  Remember that you only see what is lit, once it gets dark, so target your budget accordingly.



Many of our clients at Christmas Décor of New Jersey achieve these spectacular results by following these simple guidelines.  So start planning for your holiday season.

For any questions on our tree lighting process then give Christmas Decor Of New Jersey a call at (888) 424-4326.

Remember to Look for the Elves!



Is It Too Early To Start Installing Your Holiday Décor?

Not one season goes by without someone asking why their neighbors have installed Christmas lights in October. Is October too early? Consider the following adage: don’t put off until tomorrow, what you could do today.

Early Installations For Holiday Decorearly installation

Our schedules tend to get crazy during the holidays which causes us to run out of time to do what we hope to accomplish. In addition, there’s a distinct advantage to working outside when the weather is good and the days are longer. I guarantee your time to complete production will be much better in 60-degree warmth compared to a 35-degree chill.

It is also far safer to work in daylight and without the threat of frost, ice, and snow. Installing early eliminates many of weather-related hazards that can lead to accidents and falls.

Start Decorating Early This Season!

Finally, early installation means you will have your lights up earlier (a wonderful way to launch the season!) and longer (after all that hard work, don’t you want time to enjoy your décor before removing it?). What satisfaction to know everything will be ready for your family and friends!

Worried about the neighbors?  Trust me, your home will set the standard for early installation when neighbors brave the weather and rush to get everything done – or perhaps simply decide installation will need to wait until next year.

So start early this season and remember to look for the elves!

Call Christmas Decor at (888) 424-4326 to get you started on your Holiday Decor!



Safe Practices for Installing Holiday Lighting

Holiday decorations are wonderfully festive but improper installation can be especially dangerous.  As a professional installer, I want to share some of the basic principles that we use for safe installation.

Safely Installing Holiday Lighting

Want to do it yourself? Then maybe it’s time to consider all of the factors and begin planning.

  • The first thing to consider as part of the planning phase (yes, I did say plan!) is to know you are physically fit to climb roofs and do other parts of the job that are labor intensive.
  • Second, those of you physically able to do the job must have the proper equipment – such as ladders and harnesses.  The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recommends that extension ladders should reach at least 3 feet above the point of the installation.  Do not stand on top of step ladders or use step ladders on uneven ground.  Orchard ladders are a great option instead.

Teamwork Gets The Decor Job Done

The correct harnesses should be used at all times along with laddersafety-2proper eye and head protection. Never work alone and always use a spotter. We use a 5-gallon bucket truck and rope to install décor at certain heights. Installers use pocketed aprons with tools to allow the work to be completed safely and expediently.

LED Lighting Safety

LED’s are now using less power and are far nicer to look at. However, they are still 120 volts so always check for cuts and nicks before installing. And beware: water and electricity don’t mix so use a GFI outlet. Use only outdoor-rated cords and electrical wires. Always make sure your connections aren’t in low-lying areas.

  • Third and most important: know your limitations! You will want a display that is memorable but not at the cost of safety for you and your family. Hire a professional to do the things that you cannot do and ensure your season is wonderful.


For more information about installing Holiday Lighting safely and efficiently call Christmas Decor at (888) 424-4326. Most of all, be safe and enjoy this wonderful time of year. And Remember to Look for the Elves!

Professional Holiday Decorations and Lighting

Professional Holiday Decorations Installation

As the leaves begin to change and the nights are getting longer it’s time to start preparing for fall and winter! The Holidays are right around the corner and it’s one of our favorite times of the year at Christmas Decor.

Holiday Decor Planning

Holiday Decorations InstallationWith the busy holidays, parties and other events coming up, it’s a good time to think about your home’s holiday decorations. We will work with you to create a magical lighting display with decorations galore and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

We’ll help you plan and select the perfect colors and elements. Choose from a wide array of seasonal or permanent lighting, yard inflatables, life-size figurines, and interior decor. We don’t only install your displays but we will take them down and store them for next year so you won’t have any additional stress during the holidays!

Trained Service Professionals

lighting removalFrom simple to elaborate holiday decorations, our professionals at Christmas Decor have become synonymous with this time of year. A lot goes into ensuring our professionals have the latest skills in order to create these gorgeous holiday lighting displays:

• Annual Design Training

• Latest Decorating Technology and Techniques

• Knowledgeable & Experienced Installers

• Property-Conscious Installation

Call the professionals at Christmas Decor for more information on our holiday decorations and lighting and to get started on your installations: (888) 424-4326

Recreational Parks Holiday Light Displays

park holiday lighting

When I meet people and explain to them that I am in the Christmas Holiday Lighting business, their first question is usually “What do you do in the summer?” Well, one of the many things I do in the summer is plan the year’s Holiday Light Park displays!

Holiday Lighting At The Parkparks lighting

Park lighting displays are definitely becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Holiday Parks are a fun, family-styled activity that provides lasting memories and enjoyment for all ages and groups. Spectacular displays typically follow specific themes and often reflect the culture of the community.  Animated displays sometimes are 40’ to 50’ in size and come in a variety of colors.

Light Parks are a great way to fundraise or showcase a particular destination. In fact, existing establishments such as ballparks, farm stands, and local zoos add to their revenue by charging entrance fees to view the displays.

I recently visited with another Christmas Décor owner on the east coast who built a park at his local zoo – and saved the zoo from forced closure through the revenue generated from the park!

What a wonderful thing for the entire community.

Illuminated Light Displays

Our display at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg N.J. this year was very well received and gave all who visited a very positive and unique experience. I know this year will be even more amazing! I hope everyone has a chance to visit one of these parks this season and experience the joy and magic it brings to the holiday season!

Call the professionals at Christmas Decor for more information on our Park Light installations. (888) 424-4326


Go Big For Your Home With Holiday Decor

big decor

The 2016 show season is ending and the new product will be shipping out in a couple of weeks. One trend is very clear: Big Is In! Large Holiday figurines made with fiberglass, metal, and/or wood, with or without LED lights are offered by most vendors including Barcana, Holidaynamics, and others.

Decor Is Larger Than Ever!big decor

Nutcrackers, Toy Soldiers, Polar Bears, Deer and giant Nativity scenes are a great way to accent any entrance way or large space. Giant gift packages and (12’-15’) lit Interior trees are now a terrific addition for both residential and commercial lighting projects.Huge ornaments and stars

Huge ornaments and stars create a dramatic look along driveways. And who doesn’t want Santa and his Elves to greet their guests at the front door?! Leasing these items is a great way to create a spectacular display without the hassle of storage or a substantial financial commitment. Leasing also allows you to change the look and keep themes fresh each year.


Go Big This Season With Oversized Ornaments

Christmas Décor of New Jersey will be providing many of these large holiday displays this upcoming season. If you are interested in seeing what can be done with your property see our website’s portfolio or call us at (888) 424-4326 for a consultation. We have terrific leasing options on all of these new exciting Holiday Décor items.

Inception Lighting Video Demonstration

Make your home POP year round with inception lighting! While highlighting the architecture of your home or business, change the color theme for any special event, holiday, celebration or sporting event from your mobile device or computer. Program your lights up to 2 years in advance and wow your guests!


Get The Perfect Ambiance With Impressive Outdoor Lighting

Matt Reed from Inception Lighting in Irving, Texas demonstrates the many highlights and benefits:


Holiday Lighting Removal

lighting removal

The joy of seeing our festive light displays illuminate your home throughout the holidays is exciting all up until the time comes to take down the lights. Save yourself this time and stress!

Christmas Decor not only installs all of their holiday lights and decorations, but we also remove them!


lighting removalFestivity Lighting Made Safe

We understand how dangerous and strenuous it is to add hundreds of lights to the inside and outside of your home. Our staff is trained in technical and electrical safety to ensure the job is done correctly and hazard-free. Electrical and safety issues can be one less thing on your mind so you can enjoy your holiday or special event. Not to mention the possibilities of potential injuries you’ll avoid during the installation and removal process. Leave the climbing of ladders, balancing and hard to reach places to us. Our professional staff is here to get the job right to prevent any of these potential disasters.

Holiday Display Disassembly 

Christmas Decor is a professional service here to provide you the best experience no matter the season! Holiday lighting removal just got a whole lot easier this year with our well-trained staff on your side. During the disassembly process, we are committed to removing and storing your lighting display for years to come in a timely manner. We’ll even send a representative to follow up on satisfaction once the disassembly and clean up was complete. We’re here to provide you nothing but the best Holiday Lighting Installations and Removal.

For more information, Call the professionals at Christmas Decor of New Jersey for light installation and removal! (888) 424-4326