LED lighting is Reducing Carbon emissions in the U.S.
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LED lighting is Reducing Carbon emissions in the U.S.

Innovations in a light emitting diode (LED) lamps are not only changing the way people illuminate their homes, but they’re also reducing the energy consumption habits of homeowners. The transition from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs during the later 20th century has proven to be an overall benefit for consumers, businesses, and the environment. It’s also a product that has led to major scientific advancements. In fact, the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics went to three Japanese scientists who invented the blue LED. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura were able to create the blue light, which was the pivotal missing piece of the spectrum to create high-quality white LED lamps – red and green LEDs having been around for a while.

What Makes White LEDs So Important

According to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, roughly one-fourth of the world’s electricity consumption goes toward lighting. Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs and even fluorescent lights, LEDs are more efficient in their energy usage with higher lumen counts per electrical input power. The record in 2014 was 300 lm/W, which is more than 18 times greater than regular light bulbs and 4 times greater than fluorescent lamps. In terms of reducing energy consumption, LED lamps can last up to 100,000 hours, a number that’s 100 times longer than standard light bulbs. Another major benefit is the fact that it requires less electrical energy to light an LED lamp. As a result, consumers and communities can take advantage of alternative energy sources, including solar and wind power.

Solid-State Lighting and Carbon Emissions

In a recent article for LED’s Magazine, energy efficient lighting has helped the U.S. reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade. In fact, it’s estimated that 2015 emission levels were 18 percent lower than those in 2005, and about 40 percent of this decrease is attributed to decreasing energy consumption in lighting. With the widespread introduction of energy efficient lighting into commercial and residential sectors, LEDs and CFL lamps have helped the U.S. make significant strides toward reaching the objectives outlined in the Clean Power Plan.

What to Look for in a LED Lamp

Both contractors and consumers should educate themselves about the differences in quality of LED lamp suppliers. Not all products are created equal, especially when it comes to lumens. While consumers will likely be keenly interested in the wattage since it impacts their pocketbook, they should be similarly interested in lumens because of the quality of illumination they’ll provide for their homes. Christmas Décor of New Jersey, a member of the Décor Group and a leader in the Holiday Lighting business has been committed to LED lights since 2006.

Let’s keep America Healthy!

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