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Dec 07, 2023
Yolanda Vence
Jul 15, 2023

Christmas Decor / Decor Smart was an absolute pleasure to work with. Gerard is phenomenal!!! I priced out some landscape / permanent christmas lighting with...

Alex Tralha
Jan 11, 2023

Professional, courteous, timely, and effective. From the office crew to the men who show up to hang the lights. Thanks Darren!

Lauren Feeney
Jan 07, 2023

Everything was so neatly and meticulously done....Christmas Décor staff was beyond considerate, courteous and professional.

LaVerne Jackson
Mar 28, 2022

Looking forward to another year of spectacular Christmas lights!

Donna Hornish
Mar 18, 2022

Thanks again, as the lights always look great

Tim Dickson
Mar 08, 2022

Just got the best news in the mail yesterday, my 2022 Christmas renewal!!!! I am happily sending you my signed renewal paperwork. I loved my decorations last year, so I can’t wait to do it again this year!!!! Now I can begin the countdown until the “Elves” come – LOL

Jean Marano
Feb 25, 2022

We love the lights!

Len Baccaro
Feb 03, 2022

We have very much enjoyed the lights. Thank you.

Kathleen Sullivan
Feb 03, 2022

We enjoyed the lights. Thank you!

Donna Blejwas
Feb 02, 2022

“It's not like I was in a rush to get the lights taken down, I love looking at them. By the way, thank you to your team for helping us win winter wonderland category of our town's Holiday Decorating Contest

Ana Pombo
Jan 25, 2022

Lights were beautiful as always. Thank you! Happy, healthy 2022!

Aimee Siliato
Jan 18, 2022

Xmas Decor made ours great again - thank you

Ian Singer
Jan 13, 2022

So amazing this year...sign us up for the same exact thing next year...

Stephen Dauwalter
Jan 10, 2022

Dennis loves the services!

Lisa Fernandez on behalf of Dennis Hickey
Jan 07, 2022

Thanks so much! They were beautiful as always

Jennifer Khichi
Jan 06, 2022

We really enjoyed our lights this year!

Pat Mazzucca
Jan 05, 2022

We were very happy with the lights and look forward to adding more next year. Thanks again.

Jessica Tuite
Jan 04, 2022

We really enjoyed the house being lit up this season. It looked gorgeous. Thank you

Laura Brockway
Dec 31, 2021

Thank you for everything. The men did a magnificent job. It's beautiful.

Olga Martinez
Dec 21, 2021

We love the Christmas lights you installed!

Ariadna Bulto
Dec 21, 2021

Thank you again for making everything look so beautiful and festive. Merry Christmas!

Lisa Robinson
Dec 17, 2021

You guys are such an awesome professional outfit.

Allen Ukritnukun
Dec 16, 2021

Wonderful job and house look festive and amazing. Thank you

Roger Rich
Nov 21, 2021

Thank you so much for having the lights installed on Friday, they look absolutely gorgeous.

Rokeisha McGriff
Nov 04, 2021

You guys are amazing, thank you for making this so easy. Just another reason why we love using you for our Xmas lights!!!

Ben Margolis
Mar 21, 2021

Thank you for making our home so festive - we love the work you do.

Paul & Elizabeth Yodice
Mar 17, 2021

It was like a Christmas surprise when it all went up! Thank you!

Diana Tynan
Feb 02, 2021

A beautiful job by Christmas Decor!! SCheduling was easy and very accommodating. I am very pleased with the servive

Elaine D'Ambola-Barrett
Jan 20, 2021

We have used Christmas Decor of NJ for the last three or four years and we LOVE their service. We get so many compliments every year.

Robert Martino
Jan 19, 2021

Thanks so much! The lights looked beautiful, as usual!!

Cindy Pitonzo
Jan 06, 2021

Christmas Decor of NJ did an excellent job with our holiday lighting this year.

Danielle Abramson
Jan 05, 2021

We are very pleased that we were able to use your services this year. The decorations brought us much cheer and joy. Happy New Year!

Deborah L. Vietze, Ph.D.
Jan 03, 2021

We really enjoyed the decorations all season long. Thank you so much!

Danielle Abramson
Jan 02, 2021

I’ll have you know also our house came in first place for the North Plainfield decoration contest! Thanks a ton!

Justin Kelly
Dec 18, 2020

It's been a pleasure working with you guys and Dennis is so happy with the lights

Lisa Fernandez
Dec 18, 2020

All good feedback, the trees are a big hit this year. Thank you.

Mikki Ponticello
Dec 17, 2020

Thank you - Lights turned out great this year.

Jared Mosery
Nov 27, 2017

We worked with them through the Millburn Chamber for the first time this year and were thrilled with the results!

Caroline Gosselin
Nov 05, 2017

This will be our second year using Christmas Decor and we really love how our home looks for the holidays!

A Lilly
Nov 02, 2017

Highly recommend

Celeste Campos
Oct 31, 2017

Christmas Decor has done a great job every year in installing the lights at our place.

Praveen Advani
Oct 25, 2017

Hands down the best! They have made decorating for Christmas so easy for my family for years and it always looks perfect!

Sunny Aumenta
Oct 15, 2017

Our neighbors always tell us how beautiful it looks. They take care of everything so that we can just enjoy the season.

Rose Lyght
Aug 31, 2016

extremely reliable, friendly and they do such beautiful work, Each year my HUGE blue Spruce is lit and I couldn't be happier, I also hit a hard time one year...

Roe Z.

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