Seasonal Vs. Permanent Lighting Systems
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Seasonal Vs. Permanent Lighting Systems

It seems every year we are approached by clients who wish to install their Holiday lighting and “leave it up year round”. Commercial properties are primarily interested in this for the marketing value for their lighting; everybody wants New York’s “Tavern on the Green”. While in the past we did not support this approach, today’s new products are allowing us to rethink this a bit. Today, our residential clients are lighting for many occasions other than Christmas and with the ability to change colors at the touch of an app, they simply want more! So, the question becomes “when should we choose to leave the lighting up permanently and when should we light for the season?” For the most part, this decision comes down to the desired effect of the lighting and long term durability of the product used.

Comparing Decorative LED Light Technology

Standard Mini and C-9 Lighting

  • Not UL rated for permanent applications
  • Should not be used for permanent purpose unless you have a frequent service schedule in place.
  • The wire is not UV rated and will dry out under exposure to the elements.
  • Squirrels and other rodents just love to chew and use the wire for building nests.
  • The growth of trees and shrubs harm both the lights and the trees by stretching the wire and choking the branches.
  • Overall,close monitoring is required to reduce the risk of damage and electrical shorts.

RGB String Lights, Splash Lighting, and Mounted Inception Lighting

With the advancement of LED technology, we are now able to use low voltage applications similar to those in landscape lighting systems to achieve some spectacular results. Color changing technology allows this product to have multi adaptable year round applications. The trend towards RGB string lights, splash lighting and mounted Inception lighting is growing as clients realize the advantage of year round lighting. The mood and enjoyment created by the tasteful accent lighting are becoming something clients just cannot live without.

Choosing Which Outdoor Lighting Works Best For Your Home

Permanent Christmas Lights

Let Us Bring Light To Your Home

As you can see, there are no easy answers but Christmas Décor of NJ has some great options to look into to. If multi-seasonal event lighting is something you would like, I suggest looking at some of the newer options that are available. If you seek to branch wrap trees or light roof ridge lines in the summer when temperatures are very hot, you may choose to stay seasonal because of the higher maintenance costs. Either way, we hope you can enjoy the experience that only a properly lit property can bring.

For more information on our seasonal and permanent lighting systems, give Christmas Decor of New Jersey a call at: (888) 424-4326

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